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Living space as a stylistic statement. A qualitatively high, generous ambience as a sign of cultivated living: this is where Allure is at home – a classic yet contemporary design which profess convincing in its elaborate execution



Using the appearance of selected types of wood as a starting point, Amber uses this natural material in the context of a consciously restrained language of forms. In doing so, it contrasts the grain of the surfaces with shining applications. Thus Amber comes to a balance of clear yet warm expression.



French craft work of the 1920s has an unmistakeable identity: in Art déco, shining surfaces encounter clear contrasts in colour and shape. Art Decoratif implements this approach in a set of variable concepts. A retrospective look for a special interior.



With the Baroque, we associate excessive riches of design and the lavish use of the highest quality materials. Our collection of the same name reflects the full magnificence of that age with heavy end pieces and luxurious finishes.



Playing with contrasts is a timeless means of artistic expression. Just like counterpoint in music or the contrasting characters in a novel, Modulo Bicolor too casts its spell on us with a language of colours and forms in constant tension, setting clear highlights.



The discerning ambience of nineteenth century Salons as a source of inspiration. Just as the Biedermeier style creates a bridge between Classicism and Realism, so the Cloria collection combines tasteful design with the finest solid wood. A historical style for lifestyle experience full of character.



The strength of a system lies in the potential contained in its elements. Modulo pursrues an uncomprimising course – with first class finishes, perfectly coordinated components and well-thought out design. An impressive modern collection.



Modulo Arco

The arch is a unique architectural principle. It combines weightless style with load-bearing statics. The elliptical bracket in Modulo Arco takes up this idea. Elegantly curved, it conveys the idea both of permanent stability and playful effortlessness.


Modulo Tecnico

The gesture of classic modernism is as minimal as it is functional: a philosophy which uncompromisingly places itself at the service of the function, deriving remarkable designs. Modulo Tecnico continues this approach: the perfect synthesis of form and function.



Modulo Edelstahl

The demystification of the world through science may appear to be a loss. But such a dispassionately rational approach also gives rise to new, excitingly clear aesthetics: a linear language of forms in which nothing detracts from the essentials. Modulo Stainless Steel represents the essence for such modernism.



Nature has always provided the inspiration for design innovation. Its inexhaustible store of ideas inspires us to dare to do new things. In this spirit, Modulo Natura quotes from the organic shape of the tree branch, thus transferring an elementary pattern into a collection which is both restrained and original.