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"Spätzle" - Swabian noodles delicacy of our region-


Surley you will ask what this delicacy and curtain rods have in common. The product itself  doesn't show any parallels but our motivation to make something special brought us together: company Marquardt and PRADE.

During our ramble through our region we met the comapany Marquardt in Nufringen, place of our headquarters, and we were impressed. Swabian entrepreneurial spirit meets extraordinary taste. That is the reason why we have no choice but to recommend this company and mainly this Swabian noodle delicacy. It would be a pleasure to send you this delicacy.

10 Swabian noodles "schwäbische Spätzle" (each 250g) Total 12,50 € (freight charges on request)  - please click here and send us a short e-mail with key words: 10x "Swabian noddles"




The Swabian recipe of the month


8 veal à 80g,
salt and pepper for flavoring,
100g butter,
20g (dried) morels,
1 onion or 3 spring onions,
1/8 l brandy, 1/4 l cream,

1/8 l white wine



“Kalbslendchen in Morchelrahm” Tenderloin of veal in morel cream

The legend is telling us that from ancient times nearly all peoples have been celebrating the beginning of spring with a good dish. At this the veal did play a special role. But how the beginning of spring and the veal did come together, nobody can tell us today and this also shouldn’t be the reason for abstaining from this feast in other seasons.


The veal will be patted, then flavored with salt and pepper and roasted in butter on both sides. Chop the morels, having been soaked and scoured in water, and add them to the meat. At same time add the chopped onion or spring onions.
Now deglaze it with the brandy and flambé it all together. Afterwards fill it up with cream and add the white wine. Stew the meat a little bit in the sauce and then take it off for tasting the sauce once again with salt and pepper. Thereto you serve “Spätzle” – our Swabian noodles.

Enjoy your meal!